You sure have a great product and you offer amazing services yet you are unable to retain your current customers or attract new clients and have a not so good identity online? A stellar Online Reputation is THE ANSWER to all your snags! To achieve that stellar online reputation, you must:

  1. Be found on the first page when prospects search for you irrespective of the search engine
  2. Have good reviews and high ratings across all the ratings and review sites
  3. Have a strong online presence – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, blogs and forums
  4. Maintain strong relationship with your customers
  5. Have an amazing website
  6. Be a Brand that is relentlessly relevant

aReputation has a team of Marketing, PR, Technology and Legal experts who love working with you to build that reputation for you! With the affordable tailor-made Online Reputation services, no company feels too big or too small to take advantage of us. While we work on building and managing your Online Reputation, you can focus on building the business of your dreams. aReputation has been offering Online Reputation Management services for almost 10 years in India and has 70+ clients spanning across industries such as Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, Beauty & Lifestyle, E-commerce and IT & Computers. We launched the US chapter of aReputation in 2014 with a team located in San Jose for our clients in The US.



Our online reputation management service monitors the virtual conversation and helps reduce the impact and visibility of negative search results by creating and promoting positive messages about you.


Investigate on legitimate and illegitimate activities of rivals to predict their next course of action. Our services include Information gathering – tracing online reputation attacks that includes IP trace, social network identity tracing and more


Ensuring the disappearance of malicious content from social media like suppression of bad media releases and removal of defamatory blogs/links etc.


This is our communications strategy with tools to deliver information that is crucial in crafting successful communications campaigns. We have dedicated professional bloggers who enjoy writing on issues that are important to you using photos, audio and/or video clips to get your message across.


We believe in the combination of certain patent-pending technologies combined for tracking and preventing abuse of social media for anti-government and anti-humanity elements. The technology is a combination of open and closed source databases, advanced crawling technology, social media pattern analysis, artificial intelligence based algorithms and Proxy IP address databases/honeynets. We are extremely private about our technology and only cater to government customers strictly. Below mentioned are our strengths which make us unique in this field:

  1. Guaranteed identification of culprit posting rogue content on Facebook, Twitter and BlogSpot.
  2. Guaranteed removal of defamatory tweet or post or blog
  3. 80% guarantee of finding location of culprit globally
  4. Ability to control specific search results on most keywords
  5. Manpower to flood social media with a specific propaganda within 48 hours.


Election Campaign

In order to give a glance about some of our successful projects, here are the short case studies mentioned:

Scenario: One of our political client’s image was hammered on digital media by opposition party and he left no stone unturned in order to spread negativity about our client via various social media tools and internet. Therefore, client main concern was the management of his reputation via internet and complete abolition of the sites which were targeting defamatory attacks on client.

Approach:In this case, we identified defamatory links and videos which were created by opposition party. As a solution, our web experts started removing defamatory links and videos from digital media and started increasing the positive content about the client on the internet. Our web experts has designed strategic plan to create online presence of the client /party. Additionally, we designed online political campaign database to manage their voters target and outreach which included bulk emailing, sms and phone banks (can make call directly from the application) As an initiative to reinforce client’s image, we designed News paper website for client‘s party. Also, to utilize social media network, we created and managed clients Youtube channel, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Extortionist Handling

Scenario:One of the very interesting cases we came across is that of an extortionist who created a fuss for the local government of southernmost region of the African continent. This person has created his portal (without revealing his identity) that has information about confidential governmental meetings and discussions. So any information which was not meant for public was made public via his portal. As a result, he became popular among people and gained huge support. This person became pain in the throat for the government as people started losing trust and interest in the current government

Approach :The biggest challenge of this case was no information about the main target. All we had was his portal and information on it. Well, that was fair enough for us to kick start our project. From his portal and with the help of our technical team, we were able to get information about the email addresses, he has been using for that portal. Plus through Geo locations we were able to gather his physical locations and phone number. Email and phone forensics than played a vital role in this case since we were able to obtain information about Paypal account which he has been actively using. That was like hitting the bull’s eye as Paypal account made us reach to the physical address he has registered with Paypal. This is how, one by one we were able to reveal his identity which made government to take legal actions against him and put a stop to this unethical practice which he was following in the nation.